The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on all transport modes and respective industries.

Taxi services & people transportation could not stay untouched in this crisis. However, public transport operators provided an exceptional service to all citizens allowing free, convenient and most important safe movement and access principally to health care facilities and other workplaces. The supply chain and logistics sector, one of the pillars of economic growth on a global level, has been kept operational, despite travel restrictions and this is something that we are proud of!

Despite our effectiveness & efficiency, mobility is navigating into unprecedented times. It is more than obvious that the COVID-19 pandemic has created needs that did not exist before.

Solidarity, networking and further implementation of technology are the essential tools for the transport sector first to survive and after all to continue being a pillar of growth worldwide.

In this sense, The Greek Taxi provides an ultra safe vehicle for private rides across the Greek territory anytime and guarantees a convenient, safe and sound means of transportation for everyone in need.

We do provide FREE OF CHARGE disposable masks & gloves, wet wipes & antiseptic liquid and we make sure that the cabin gets constantly fresh air. On top of that, we wash and clean the seat covers every other day and we make sure that the whole vehicle is always spotless.

Do not miss the chance to give us a call or drop us an email in order to organise your trip around Greece or your airport transfer.


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