Delfi historical site is located at the foothills of Mount Parnassos, in Central Greece. Delfi historical tour is one of the highlights of your visit in Greece. Delfi was considered the center of the universe by the ancient world and was therefore called the naval of the earth. 

According to the Greek mythology, Zeus sent two eagles from the edges of the universe to spot the omphalos (the naval of the world), and this is the place where they met.

Delfi is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, comparable only to the Acropolis of Athens. The Oracle of Delphi (an UNESCO World Heritage Site) was for centuries the cultural and religious centre of the world, having the most famous oracle in Ancient Greece. The imposing natural surroundings along with the superb monuments constructed, blend in perfect harmony, giving rise to the organization of the cults. 

The visitors will have the chance to check among others, the Temple of Apollo, the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, the Ancient Theater of Delphi, the Treasure of the Athenians, the Sacred Way, the Castalia Spring and the Dome of Athena Pronea.

The Greek Taxi is organising private tours to the archaeological site of Delfi starting from your hotel’s doorstep in Athens. This tour can be easily combined with a visit in Arachova, the most popular winter ski resort town only two hours away from Athens.

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