The rocks have always been there!

Several years ago a few Greek climbers discovered them and created some climbing routes in the area of Vrisi.

Very few people knew about this climbing spot.  

It was not until 2015, when a group of French climbers, located the area and recognized the unique quality and beauty of the rocks in the area of Manikia-Vrisi and the wider region of Kimi. They came in contact with the local authorities and with the support of the Municipality of Kimi-Aliveri started all the approval and licensing procedures by all the relative authorities.

So, the story finally begins in October 2018, when the team of the French volunteer climbers started to work on the first routes. By the end of 2019, they completed 350 routes and the goal is for many more as continually new routes are set.

The Greek Taxi is happy to organise your transfer from Eleftherios Venizelos Athens International Aiport to the region as well as your local transportation within Kimi-Aliveri Municipality.

Do you want more? A 100-year country style stonehouse is located 30 minutes away from the Manikia climbing rocks.

You got transportation, you got accommodation, you got everything! No excuses!

Please check what Manikia Project is all about and book your next climbing adventure.

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