Greece, with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture, beckons travelers from around the globe. While many embark on group organised tours, there’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered — the unparalleled value of booking a private tailor-made trip. Let’s delve into why opting for a private trip in Greece is not just a journey; it’s an invaluable experience with some astonishing memories. But before starting, lets compare private custom tours with two other popular ways of exploring a place. Solo travel and big organised groups come with pros and cons and its more than worthwhile to cover every aspect before finding the sweet spot.

Solo travel means independence. Yet, that independence is a mixed blessing. It can get lonely & making all your own decisions can get really tiring. More than anything else, though, there’s nobody with whom to share the experience. There’s no-one with whom to celebrate, or, in the weeks and months that follow, to look back and reminisce. 

On the other hand, travelling in big organised groups comes with several benefits, making it a popular choice for many travelers. Group discounts and bulk bookings often result in cost savings for participants, making the overall trip more budget-friendly. Also, traveling in a large group can enhance safety, particularly in unfamiliar or remote destinations.Not to mention that big group tours come with pre-planned itineraries, saving participants the time and effort of individual trip planning. Yet, the lack of flexibility and the fact that personalized experiences may be sacrificed for the sake of accommodating a large group could be off-putting for some people. What is more, large groups may experience challenges in terms of group dynamics, including different travel preferences, personalities, and interests among participants, so resolving conflicts or accommodating diverse preferences can be more challenging in a large group setting.

Private custom trips seem to bridge the gap between the two and guarantee some peace of mind as well as an abundance of raw experiences. A small group travel offers a relief to those issues that refer to solo travel or big organised group tours. Suddenly, the lonely ‘I’ becomes a comforting ‘we’. The struggles of solo travel disappear and you have a few people that surround you with whom you go explore. It’s an fabulous thing, trust us! Honestly, we can evaluate it from all perspectives.

For lots of people, the definition of small group travel differs. To us, small group travel is usually anywhere between 5-10 people in a group. Usually that would be people that they know each other quite well. For others, small group travel would be a group of 10-16 people with a tour company in an organized trip. 

At the end of the day, the smaller the group, the better.

Tailor-made, Flexible, Convenient Trips

Travel in a private custom tour means your trip can be customized and tweaked exactly to your liking. Small group travel means that your local travel agency will design a unique trip for you and your friends or family based on your needs and things you want to go explore on your own. You get the whole van and driver for yourself and you make the daily plan every day according to your cravings. The rest stops, the time you spent in every site and landmark, the selfies you want to take, the restaurants you want to try, the time you want to wake up are all based on your personal taste.

At the end of the day, you pay for a flexible, convenient, tailor made experience rather than an organized group tour with schedules, deadlines and a substantial number of people who share the same big bus, the hotel rooms & the restaurants, etc.

Sustainable and Responsible Way of Travelling

Small groups usually fit into one van, which is a lot better than ten people roaming around on their own sets of wheels or big old buses. More and more, small tour operators like The Greek Taxi along with Evia Private Tours are focusing on the local experience and try to monitor and minimize the human and carbon footprint while designing and offering a custom trip.

It’s always nice to know that you are supporting positive aspects of communities and you contribute the best way possible to all those global environmental challenges and issues.

Authentic Experiences, Interactions with Locals & Immersion to the Local Culture

The deeper you explore a country’s culture, the more interactions you have with the locals, the more authentic is the travel experience. After all, we are all tourists. Yet, private trips with a tour operator who knows the region and has solid connections with the local communities and businesses, offers you the advantage of a safe deep dive into the local culture of the place you visit and an aftermath of the country’s history. 

Local Private Tour Guide from Greece

One of the best benefits of small private trips is that you enjoy a local private tour guide all for yourself. Most of the times, your personal driver will also be the local guide. This guarantees an endless access to information and knowledge about the country, the culture, the daily life, the history, the local surroundings, and the list goes on. Its a whole different story to share the same guy with a group of 6-8 people rather than 15-30!!!

Personalised & Readily Available Customer Support

Whatever happens along the way, your local guide will be there for you and will have all the resources to deal with any situation. Small private trips usually have their own local private guide who is responsible for literally everything (itinerary, accommodation, personal safety, rerouting, emergencies). Most importantly, he is the ambassador of the travel agency you have booked the trip and he is there for you 24/7 working his ass for a flawless, stress free, epic trip.

Yet, he or she is accountable for a decent amount of people rather than a big group of diverse people with different backgrounds, nationalities, experiences, etc. 

A few words about The Greek Taxi

The Greek Taxi is a family owned and run tour operator that specialises in private tailor made trips in selected locations in Greece. We love to design and offer curated itineraties and tell the story of Greece through handcrafted cultural experiences that highlight the intricacies and uniqueness of small towns and big cities. We strive to create immersive experiences. We literally set out to change the way the country is explored. 

With little more than a dream and vision, the company was built on a foundation of unwavering quality, exceptional service and unmatched creativity and has since been elevated to one of the fast growing custom trip providers in Athens and beyond.

Today, The Greek Taxi is a successful company offering private tailor made trips, retreats, luxury transfers and vacation packages in selected locations in Greece. Never accepting the status quo, we continue to push the envelope and catapult Greece’s tourism travel industry onto the global stage.

Take advantage of our vast travel experience and local knowledge and check our private tours around Greece. See what others miss and avoid the tourist traps.

If you really want to see how Greeks live, where we hang out, where and what we actually eat (YES, Greeks do love salads but we do not make mousaka every Sunday!), then give us a call and book a private and unique multi day or full day trip with our spacious & comfy 9 seaters or station wagons

We do design and offer private tours around Greece and we go explore together the most important landmarks and UNESCO monuments like: 

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