One thing we are proud of is our legendary professionalism. Our online presence, social media strategy and SEO is part of it. As a consequence, we do receive so many phone calls and messages to serve customers all around Greece. Obviously, we cannot serve them all! Its practically impossible.

Last summer, we received so many calls from Crete, Corfu and Santorini!!!

According to the law, when someone is requesting for a taxi, you cannot reject him unless you are unavailable. So, the best possible way to serve the people who are inquiring, is to recommend another service. Honestly, we cannot think a better alternative of The Greek Taxi.

FREE NOW is the best Greek Taxi service out there. FREE NOW is the Mobility Super Taxi App with the largest vehicle choice for consumers across Europe. Passengers in 10 countries and in over 150 cities today are already moving freely from A to B by accessing the largest selection of mobility options available in one app.

Apparently, FREE NOW operates a taxi and eBikes rentals mobile app for smartphones and other mobile devices in Greece. So far, Greek Taxis serve the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki having roughly 8,000 partner taxi drivers.

In Greece, the FREE NOW Taxi app is available since 2022. It was formerly know as BEAT, the Best Greek Taxi app in Greece serving over 1.5 million passengers.

Simply put, FREE NOW is the Mobility Super Taxi App. It is safe, convenient and legit. FREE NOW is simple, neat and cool. It simply delivers peace of mind. What else you can ask from a Taxi App!

As part of the Greek Taxi and Transfers services industry, we can only thank FREE NOW for transforming the whole industry and wish them to keep innovating, motivating and inspiring the whole transportation industry. 

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