Beat was the No1 Taxi app in Greece out there. Apparently, Beat used to operate a taxi and ride-hailing mobile app for smartphones and other mobile devices. Their offices are still located in Athens, Greece. Simply put, Beat was safe, convenient and legit. Yet, Beat was simple, neat and cool. 

The Beat App - The Greek Taxi App

Back in the day, Beat used to be the absolute Greek taxi app in Athens and Thessaloniki with more than 5.000 drivers. According to Beat, the only thing you had to do was just think: #WhereNext?

The FREE NOW Taxi app became available in 2022 and replaced Beat that was previously serving over 1.5 million passengers.

Simply put, FREE NOW has become today the Mobility Super Greek Taxi App. It is the same safe, convenient and legit like Beat. 

Apparently, FREE NOW operates a taxi and eBikes rentals mobile app for smartphones and other mobile devices in Greece. So far, FREE NOW serve the cities of Athens, Thessaloniki & Heraklio (Crete) having roughly 8,000 partner taxi drivers.

FREE NOW (former Beat) which belongs to the TOP 5 Best Athens Taxi Apps and works great for Athens airport transfers like The Greek Taxi, is the biggest competitor of UBER which also operates legally in Greece (employing only licensed taxis).

In conclusion, Athens has a wide selection of options when it comes to private transfers. Beat once paved the way since it was the first smartphone app that made the passengers life easy and convenient.

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